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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Contact: (Commissions only - Details Coming Soon)

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow~
Favourite genre of music: Right now it's 80's pop.
Favourite Song: Clear's Jellyfish Song
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: iPod 5th generation
Favourite video game character(s): Shogo Akuji from SR2, Oblio from Dance Central, Steven Stone from Pokemon ORAS, Bayonetta, and SA2/Heroes Shadow.
Favourite anime/cartoon character(s): Clear from dmmd, Panty from PASWG, Asami from LoK, Angry Green Dorito from Steven Universe, Shion and Rat from No. 6, and Knuckles from Sonic Boom.
Chinese Zodiac: The Dog
Horoscope: Pisces, Alomomola
Card: Three of Spades
Feel free to trade Nintendo friend codes with me!

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JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

~Favourite Pokemon!~

Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish X/Y Mega Absol Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Vaporeon Cursor by mid0456 Milotic by CreepyJellyfish Meloetta by CreepyJellyfish#492 Shaymin - Land Forme by Pokemon-XYZ #719 Diancie by Pokemon-XYZ #282 Mega Gardevoir by Pokemon-XYZ Froslass by CreepyJellyfish Dragonite by CreepyJellyfish Sawsbuck by CreepyJellyfish Ninetales by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Vivillon-marine by CreepyJellyfish Altaria by CreepyJellyfishBuneary by CreepyJellyfish Cherrim-sunshine by CreepyJellyfish

Friend Code and my Team~ Well actually I only have 5/6, but I'm getting close!
Friend Safari For Pokemon Y- Bug Type: Beautifly, Combee, and Pinsir
Feel free to give me your friend code too!
TrainerCard-Bunny by FragGrrl
You can find it right here~…

Right now I'm just selling perler stuff but I hope to sell some other stuff on there soon. Right now I'm selling a rainbow pride heart, dmmd Aoba, dmmd styled Shogo Akuji, and dmmd styled Ulala. I'm going to create some pokemon sprites and sell those too~

I also now have a Patreon:
This is if you want to help support me. Hopefully I'll have rewards soon. Maybe make videos~

I'm also selling stuff on Ebay like video games. My friends want to go to an anime convention, so I'm saving up money:

All shipping for both store is US only, sorry D: Maybe in the future I'll do international.
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BSC Thumbnail - Bayonetta by FragGrrl
BSC Thumbnail - Bayonetta
"Let's dance boys!"
I'm so excited! I love Bayonetta so much! I was so happy Ryan ask me do the thumbnail for this game~!
Originally it was going to be this:
However, I got frustrated with mostly fixing Bayonetta's pose. If I'm frustrated,  I feel won't come out good. So I went towards this one.  I went towards the no line approach which I haven't done over a year, and I think it came out good. :D
Bayonetta font:…
Enochian font:…
Without Text Version:…
Bubbly the Octo-Character Sheet by FragGrrl
Bubbly the Octo-Character Sheet
An idea of a Sonic character that would take over the water parts of levels. Plus I wanted to make a cute octopus character~
Hopefully you can read my hand writing. If not, here's the info with some things explained. Also I misspelled tentacles. Oops.
Bubbly the Octo
Age: 14
Sign: Sagittarius
Sex/Gender: Female
Home: Ocean Palace
Favorite Food: Clam Chowder (New England Style)/Shell Fish
Abilities: Swift Swimmer, Tentacle Whip (Uses her two long tentacles on her head, whipping the enemy, grabbing the enemy and grabbing it, or grabbing to an edge), Ink Splatter ( Ink squirted from mouth, temporarily blinds enemies),  Bubble Pop (Bubbly blows a bunch of bubbles, trapping enemies, making it easier to attack them. Bubbly also uses this for Sonic's bubble shield), Shrink (Shared ability. Allows both Bubbly and Sonic to fit into small spaces. Allows for easy travel as well.)
Weaknesses: Extremely slow on land, can only preform Shrink ability and a very weak Ink Splatter

Personallity: Like her name, she has a very bubbly personality, Bubbly is very sweet and tends to get very excited. However, she's quite forgetful and a bit of an airhead.

Bubbly's shirnk landform and Sonic's seaform is based on chao, Bubbly's shrink land form is also based on different flowers and takochu.
Bubbly isn't based on any octopus, however, she will have a boyfriend based on a vampire squid.
Her normal form can also be on land, but it's just easier to travel by riding on Sonic's head.
Bubbly had a different design before this, which you can see here:

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