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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow~
Favourite genre of music: Right now it's 80's pop.
Favourite Song: Clear's Jellyfish Song
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: iPod 5th generation
Favourite video game character(s): Shogo Akuji from SR2, Oblio from Dance Central, Steven Stone from Pokemon ORAS, Bayonetta, and SA2/Heroes Shadow.
Favourite anime/cartoon character(s): Clear from dmmd, Panty from PASWG, Asami from LoK, and Knuckles from Sonic Boom.
Chinese Zodiac: The Dog
Horoscope: Pisces, Alomomola
Card: Three of Spades
Feel free to trade Nintendo friend codes with me!


JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

~Favourite Pokemon!~

Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish X/Y Mega Absol Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Vaporeon Cursor by mid0456 Milotic by CreepyJellyfish Meloetta by CreepyJellyfish#492 Shaymin - Land Forme by Pokemon-XYZ #719 Diancie by Pokemon-XYZ #282 Mega Gardevoir by Pokemon-XYZ Froslass by CreepyJellyfish Dragonite by CreepyJellyfish Sawsbuck by CreepyJellyfish Ninetales by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Vivillon-marine by CreepyJellyfish Altaria by CreepyJellyfishBuneary by CreepyJellyfish Cherrim-sunshine by CreepyJellyfish

Friend Code and my Team~ Well actually I only have 5/6, but I'm getting close!
Friend Safari For Pokemon Y- Bug Type: Beautifly, Combee, and Pinsir
Feel free to give me your friend code too!
TrainerCard-Bunny by FragGrrl
Let's do the Update first:
If you notice, I've been only uploading when I'm finished with an assignment with Digital Painting Class. These projects take up files that are huge and do take a long time to do... So I have I feeling I'll be up loading at that pace. I do sketches though between and may upload in scraps. So if you don't mind sketches then make sure you check that box next to scraps for subscription.

Also March 7 is my birthday and week following is Spring Break. So I'm going to be gone for a few days then. I'm turning 21, yay~!

Now for the little rant.
So I was watching this critique video of a Sonic artist, and the person critiquing would say once in a while that there was something wrong with how the artist drew parts of the (mobian) anatomy. That's okay.

However, I went down in the comments and I saw a person say something on the lines of: "It shouldn't matter how the anatomy is drawn because it's not realistic and it's the artist's style."

Okay, stop right there. No.

Ever since I joined the online community and posted my art on both here and gaia online, I was always told to improve my anatomy. Anatomy is one of the most important things an artist can learn. Even now I'm told by my instructors to change parts of my drawing's anatomy, human or not because it's essential to know how the body works. The better the anatomy, the more attractive the art is. Even the artist of Kirby, a little pink ball, use human anatomy to get Kirby's poses right (once I find the tumblr post that talks about it, I'll link it here). You're style shouldn't effect how you draw anatomy.
Compare my most favorite artist, Jamie Hewlett (NSFW Warning)…: , to my least favorite, Ken Penders:…

Compare their anatomy together vs style between the two.
  • Mood: Artistic


Water Goddess Kianzi by FragGrrl
Water Goddess Kianzi
She also goes by the name Cheryl ‘Cherry’ Lamore. One of my assignments for Digital Painting, to make a character sheet. She has two verses. One where she is an water goddess, and one where she was a Son of Samedi. I combined both verses here.
Contemporary Jean-Baptiste Greuze Painting by FragGrrl
Contemporary Jean-Baptiste Greuze Painting

A contemporary painting of Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s La jeune fille qui pleure son oiseau mort  (I just copy and pasted that off of a French website. I’m not sure if it that’s the title. It was in “ so it should be.)

It was an assignment in my Digital Painting Class. I only had a little reference to work off, but I think it came out good. 


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