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Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow~
Favourite genre of music: Right now it's 80's pop.
Favourite Song: Clear's Jellyfish Song
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: iPod 5th generation
Favourite video game character(s): Shogo Akuji from SR2, Oblio from Dance Central, Steven Stone from Pokemon ORAS, Bayonetta, and SA2/Heroes Shadow.
Favourite anime/cartoon character(s): Clear from dmmd, Panty from PASWG, Asami from LoK, and Knuckles from Sonic Boom.
Chinese Zodiac: The Dog
Horoscope: Pisces, Alomomola
Card: Three of Spades
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I'm so excited for next year because my college is finally teaching a digital painting class! They only teach it once every two years, and you need to get a C in drawing and composition before entering. Hopefully this will help improve my coloring. I hope soon they will have an advance anatomy class because I really need help in that too.
So prepare for improved from me, and don't be afraid to critique! It'll help a lot~

Also, expect some DRAMAtical Murder fan art from me. I just watched the anime to help introduce myself to it, and my goodness~! I ship Aoba and Clear so much! Every time I hear the Jellyfish song, I can't help but to tear up. My other favorite ship is Aoba and Ren. I'm not going to spoil anything, but at the end I teared up so much!

What else... Saint Row: Gat Out of Hell comes out on January 20th. I preordered it and once I'm finish I'll be reviewing it. I have a feeling that it's going to be good. It's $20 or if you haven't played Saints Row IV, then it'll come with the Xbox One and PS4 remakes for I think $40 with everything in it? Not bad. Highly suggest it if you like super hero simulations. However if you perfer a more realistic gangster sand box game, then go for Saint Row 2 (just not the PC port unless you like modding).

I'm also on Pokemon Showdown (a pokemon battle simulator online). I go by FragGrrl on there, so feel free to battle me. I mostly do random battles on there, so yeah.

Happy Holidays everyone~! And have a Great New Year~!
Stay Groovy,
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                  A dry, piercing heat went through the crackling skin of the new husk waking up in Hell. The horrid screams of the tortured filled his ears. He began to stand, but the smell of both brimstone and sewage hit the husk hard, causing him to throw up. A blurred, red, demonic figure cussed at the husk and kick him in the stomach, causing the husk to empty his stomach completely. The demonic figure picked up the husk and pushed him out of the building they were residing in. The husk stumbled, hurrying away from the scary figure, his body starting to adjust to the new environment.

               The first thing the husk did was find a mirror, or at least something reflective, as he was a vain person in his past life. The one-way windows of a newly built casino was what he found. The husk couldn't believe it. His deep brown eyes, his flawless skin, his perfect hair... it was all replaced with a greyish, wrinkled, bone-skinny, hairless body with haunting white eyes. He looked the same as the other husks of New Hades, and he couldn't stand it. He couldn't believe it. He quickly turned away and began to sob. His voice was the only familiar thing about him.

                "You're finely here..."

                The husk looked up as he heard a soft voice. With hope, he look up to find a familiar figure. Jyunichi. He wasn't a husk at all. In fact Jyunichi had the exact body he had before he died, complete with his Ronin uniform and his dual samurai swords. Guilt built up in the husk as he began to apologise to Jyunichi for his death. Jyunichi gave out a small sigh and helped the husk up, and led him away from the casino.

                Despite this very husk is the reason why Jyunichi died, Jyunichi didn't held a grudge against him. It was pointless, they're both dead, and now they both have to suffer in hell. Jyunichi showed that he forgave the husk, and with what wages he had with him, bought back the husk's old body. The husk was now a confused Shogo Akuji.

  Jyunichi was smart when he started his new life in New Hades. With little resources he had, Jyunichi began by selling what he claimed to be 'authentic Asian cuisine' to those living in the slums. The cuisines containing things such as stir fried bugs, frog sashimi, and rat tail soup. Better than most food in Hell,  it ended up as a success and Jyunichi opened a restaurant in Downtown named Naraku. There, he ran the restaurant just like his old restaurant Kanto, and was a popular place for both husks and demons to feast. Jyunichi hired only members of the Ronin as those where the only people he trusted, and they trusted Jyunichi back. As the money built up, Jyunichi was able to get his old body back and a relatively safe apartment prepared for when both Shogo and Kazuo arrived.

   Jyunichi and Shogo arrived in the traditional Japanese apartment. Shogo had so many questions brewing in his head that he remain uncharacteristically quiet. Jyunichi sat the younger man down and gave him a cup of water. Jyunichi sat opposite of Shogo and waited  for the younger man to break the silence.

    A few moments passed by before Shogo actually spoke up. However, only one word came out of his lips...


    Jyunichi took a moment himself before answering such a vague question. The older man knew what the younger man was asking, and answered, "We are both in Hell. We both got we deserved... There's no need to hold a grudge against each other for eternity, and it's best to forgive each other."

    Shogo's body began to shake. He never expected this type of kindness in Hell, especially from the guy he betrayed. He held the cup of water tightly within his hands, trying not to let the water spell. Jyunichi didn't deserve this, and if Shogo didn't tell the Saint's leader where Jyunichi was, they could be both still alive. Shogo was the asshole, he was the one who sinned, he should be the only one in Hell rotting. Shogo was so angry at himself. It's all his fault.

    A whimper escaped Shogo's lips as tears started to form in his eyes, "I'm so sorry..."

    Jyunichi got up and placed a hand on each of Shogo's shoulders to console the younger man, "You had a rough day today. Rest up for now... I have much to teach you tomorrow to survive living here."

    Shogo gave a nod and got up. His eyes down to the ground, hesitant to look at Jyunichi. He mouthed a thank you to the older man, and walked over to a bedroom. Shogo's head dug into the pillow and he fell into a deep sleep.
Shogo and Jyunichi-Reunited in Hell
Just an idea I had after playing Gat out Of Hell. I don't usually write fanfics, but hopefully this is alright.

I know (spoilers) because of Shawarma that the Ronin are reunited and fight against the Ultor Alliance, but I don't know if Jyunichi has a grudge against Shogo or not. That's the reason I typed this up. I kind of see Jyunichi as one who forgives and keeps his honor by still being loyal to his gang members.
Shogo, I do see as an asshole, but I kind of blame that more on his dad issues and the cocaine than anything else. I do see him as some who would feel guilt as he is not a monster. He wasn't made to be a gangester like his dad, but is stuck following him.
However (spoilers again), if the world reseting is the canon ending, I see Shogo rebelling against his father and going for a career in modeling. Why? Because in SR2 you hear people saying how stylish Shogo clothes are, how perfect his hair is, and that some see him at the tannng salon. This guy is made to be a model, and I kind of see Jyunichi being his bodygaurd.

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