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Bayonetta Poses by FragGrrl
Bayonetta Poses
My anatomy is slipping, so what better way to brush up on it than drawing Bayonetta and her various poses~!

Stock/Study/Reference and free to use~
Young Leaf Puppy Spirit by FragGrrl
Young Leaf Puppy Spirit
From Legend of Korra. I think it's a Leaf Puppy... well whatever it is, it is soooo cuuuute~~! :iconhyperplz:
Also, I made the body slightly see through, just like it is in the animation~
Sylveon Ami by FragGrrl
Sylveon Ami
Her Halloween costume this year~ Also the pink fluff thing in the front of her dress, that's supposed to be the tail. It's in the front though, because the back isn't going to be shown. I chose Sylveon because it is like the perfect Pokemon for Ami, considering how much Ami wears ribbons and her adoration for cute things~ Another Pokemon I would go with for Ami is Gothorita.
Kamen Oni by FragGrrl
Kamen Oni
Kamen Oni: Mask Demon or Disguise Demon. (Hopefully that's right)
I guess this is my fan oni to the Ao Oni game. Unlike other onis though, I tried to have it look different and not just another recolour like other fan onis related to this game. (not saying they're bad, just something different would be nice.)

A little explanation of this oni.
This oni changes it's appearance depending on the last victims soul it took. In this case, this oni's last victim was a shrine maiden (miko 巫女).  This oni attacks in two ways. 1). By chasing like the Ao Oni, or 2). someone mistakes it as a costume and puts the mask on. Once caught the mask will stick to the victims face. The victims soul then will be taken to a different dimension that looks similar to the natural world, but nothing is as it seems, as it is a puzzle. This dimension is a chance for the victim to escape if they succeed in solving the puzzle. If they do, the mask will drop from their face, and lay on the floor like a normal mask. (The oni will revive after a few moments so it's not suggested they take it home). If they fail, they become the new oni, and must find another soul, so theirs can leave to the afterlife. If a person is caught by the mask multiple times, the puzzles become harder and harder to solve.

Anyways~ Happy October~ Can't wait until Halloween~!
Dane Vogel by FragGrrl
Dane Vogel
I couldn't sleep so I finished this. I honestly didn't expect it to come out this well because I had to adjust one of his eyes to a longer length. I still feel though this could be improved so don't be afraid to critique. Also I notice the shading of the tie is literally off. I must of accidentally moved that layer. :p

I'm so excited for SR: Gat Out of Hell~ Dane is going to be the guide this time around, which is so good I really love his voice! However, I don't trust Dane. There may be a possibility that Dane wants revenge after (spoilers) the Boss of the Saints shot him out of that window. That or he's using the Saints (Johnny and Kinzie) to get to a higher power...  But I do love this guy, along with Shogo Akuji (who I hope is in the game since him and Matt Miller have the same voice actor). I'm also excited about the new character Jezebel, she looks like a cutie~

Dane Vogel without background:…


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United States

Current Residence: Some where in the meat world ♪
Favourite genre of music: Whatever moves me...
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: iPod 5th generation
Skin of choice: My Skin
Favourite video game character(s): Purge from SC5, Matt Miller from SR3, Oblio from Dance Central
Favourite Quote: Anonymity is for ****
Chinese Zodiac: The Dog
Horoscope: Pisces, Alomomola
Card: Three of Spades
Feel free to trade Nintendo friend codes with me!

Donate towards my dad's kidney operation! And thank you so much~!…

~Favourite Pokemon!~

Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish X/Y Mega Absol Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Vaporeon Cursor by mid0456 Milotic by CreepyJellyfish Meloetta by CreepyJellyfish#492 Shaymin - Land Forme by Pokemon-XYZ #719 Diancie by Pokemon-XYZ #282 Mega Gardevoir by Pokemon-XYZ Froslass by CreepyJellyfish Dragonite by CreepyJellyfish Sawsbuck by CreepyJellyfish Ninetales by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Vivillon-marine by CreepyJellyfish
Hey guys. This semester I'm not taking an art class so I won't be receiving critiques on my art. So what I'm going to do is post what I think are my best works at the moment, and if you want, you can critique. Be as harsh as you want as long as it's helpful. The more you nitpick the more it helps me improve~
~Thank you and much appreciated! 

Super Homie Ami by FragGrrlLara-Su Design Adjustment by FragGrrlLien-Da  Design Fix by FragGrrlExercise-Monotone-Amethyst by FragGrrl

Mega Diancie by FragGrrlMega Mew Idea by FragGrrlFunky Gal Lupe Loop by FragGrrl
All of these aren't in any order. However, this one...

Santa May Cry by FragGrrl
Is the most popular drawing I've done so far.
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